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1. Do you live alone or with others? (select one):
2. Also in my home (check all that apply):
3. When it comes to healthcare, including vision care (select one):

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6. Among vision care providers, I chose LensCrafters because of
(check all that apply):

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7. I chose my LensCrafters location because (select one):
8. At the LensCrafters where I purchased my eyeglasses, I was most impressed/least impressed with:
The number of LensCrafters associates in the store upon entering
How long it took for a LensCrafters associate to greet me
The trust established by the doctor/associate
Associates were honest with me about what looked good/bad
Doctor/Staff made me feel special instead of like a patient or a sale
The time it took for my eyeglasses to be delivered
The value of the product/service received for the money
9. Regarding the eyewear I just purchased at LensCrafters
(check all that apply):

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